Jun 10, 2008

Diary of an Intern Day 3

Day 3 Week 1

Another no show day for the CD, that's what they call a creative director. Account execs are AE’s but I don’t know what other people are called. I guess I’ll find out. Creatives are mad busy though and they’re constantly thinking because they weren’t able to get to the group today because they had so much work to do. Another totally overworked copywriter did do a round and asked us if we were ok and of course we said yeah, because it’s not like being bored out of our minds is an answer any of us can give. Been hanging out with the other interns and we’re supposed to be assigned to creative groups to shadow for a day and get a real taste of advertising. I can’t wait because I swear we’re getting a bit of cubicle fever here. All the girls ended up in other departments but the guys are ok I guess. Steve and Robert are the two artists and Jerry is the artist turned copywriter because he can do both. As for work, well we re-read six years worth of archive and I swear I’m just ready to do something really cool to show I can do this. For now though, I’m stuck drinking the office coffee while the guys dose in and out of sleep and talk about all the women they want to bang. Lets see if tomorrow is any different.


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