Jun 20, 2008

Diary of an Intern Day 5

Today we got into another endless meeting where we had a sit in with an ACD, an AE, the traffic director and all the interns. It was pretty much to touch base with the interns regarding their first week in the real world and all I can say is that I'm not so sure it's that real. Jenny and Julie are two of the three interns in the account department and they immediately became best friends, finish each other's sentences and other cute little things that makes one question if they go to the bathroom to gossip or makeout. Mandy, the media intern, is a real sweet girl from Connecticut who is shy enough to make Hellen Keller seem talkative. She's the type of person that when asked about something reacts by saying "it's ok" in a squeaky mouse voice regardless of if she loves it, hates it or would rather be crocheting. Then came Suzanne, a pretty nice girl who ended up in the traffic department even though she wanted to be in creative. For all his brash cock bravado behind closed doors, Jerry seemed more inclined to bite his nails than make his moves on any of the interns, let alone someone from the office. He keeps his to-do list in his back pocket as a reminder of his would be pelvic conquests but nothing done yet. Steve had to be voted most likely to drool in high school and has a lovely habit of starting every sentence with um or duh... Then there's Robert, the self proclaimed team player that went on his own to kiss an ACD's ass. Pretty much Robert can be described as that asshole who can't seem to stop telling everyone how modest he is. Seems he took my absence as the perfect moment to go trail down Louis J. , the ACD who would gladly have sex with someone wearing a mirror on their backs. Oh and I almost forgot to mention my favorite person in the whole world, Becky... the other exec intern who wouldn't surprise me if she had acid for blood and has to keep away from the light of a full moon. This morning, while rounding about before the meeting, the AE who clippinged me yesterday, Frank, apparently told Becky about my clipping contribution on a murky Thursday afternoon and how she should take the same initiative rather than over detailing her cuticles. Needless to say, such a comment wasn't taken well by the alien queen and she would have kindly chest bursted me with a dildo covered in cayenne pepper. This was made even more interesting in a closed area such as a conference room when you have in close proximity someone you don't like too much, someone who took advantage of you and someone that hates your guts in less than 15 square feet. Surprisingly so, the high point of the meeting came when Kathy, the traffic director mentioned Suzanne and gave thanks for her contributions because in one week, she'd helped organize a bunch of things and actually spotted a couple of typos from a few ads. Then Louis J. went into a massive rant of where creativity came from and how to be creative and the importance of being creative and of course, he fire was heavily kindled by the assertive comments of Robert who had just found a new soul mate, his Johnny Carson to his Ed McMahon. Anyways, near the end of the meeting, we were told we'd meet the Creative Director and the CEO the coming week and though some of the other interns almost clapped their hands like subservient seals barking for more fish, I wasn't too motivated to go beyond a half assed golf clap. Not sure where this is going, but hey, maybe it's just a bad first week right?


Justin said...

As someone who's diving into their first internship in a couple months I'm hanging on every post! Although I hope this turns out to be more fiction that truth.

Joker said...

You'll be the judge of that Justin. Best of luck though and if you have any question, feel free to ask. And no worries, there's fifteen days left in your average internship program.


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