Jun 29, 2008

Fortune Cookie 500 #'s 141 - 145

On weekends

Two days are never enough.

On the watercooler

We should all have watercooler emoticons when we're chatting.

On foreign clients

Funny how some clients have more consonants in their name than members in your department.

On shitty computers

D on' t y o u hat e wh en yo urr com puter typ ess re al sl ow

On creative directors

Quite often, the direction of your brilliant campaign will be towards a garbage can.


adhack said...

Two days are never enough.

And on holiday weekends, three days are not enough.

Thinking In Vain said...

And before holiday weekends: 4 days is too many.

How is it only quarter after 4?!?

Joker said...

@Hack: Seriously, when did it become more important to work than it was to be happy?

@TIV: Well now it's past 6 and with any luck you will be able to read this from your home or late tomorrow morning.

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