Aug 23, 2012

Guilty pleasures Vol. 11

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the decadent morsels of shitty films that for some reason or another I can’t help but love. Admit it, you have your own too. Movies you are almost ashamed of publicly admitting you enjoy them and possibly even love them. That’s a guilty pleasure. If you were thinking something on the lines of German midgets rimming a Jewish donkey, then you’re a bit fucked up and obviously barking up the wrong tree.

So it’s been about a year and a half since my last confession and seeing as Restrictions recently wrote of shitty movies he regrets having watched, here’s a twist on that: shitty movies I’m NOT sorry I watched. Some people call them corny or campy, others refer to them as train wrecks you can’t help but watch completely. I call them Guilty Pleasures, and here’s my next installment. Leonard Part VI.

If you like movies with the moniker VI without having five previous installments, then this is a good start since I never understood that shit when I was a kid. If you also happen to like Bill Cosby movies, which I hope you don’t with this obvious exception, then you’re still on the right path. If you also like movies with boomerang knives, threatening lobsters and the solution to a movie based on antacid, then you NEED to see this movie.

How bad is this movie? Try terrible, disgustingly what the fuckish and illogically over produced and under loved. That’s this movie, a big steaming pile of tinsel that has made its way through the entrails of some curious dog that doesn’t mind a glittery dose of fiber. Bill Cosby is at his usual worst in this movie proving that great stand up comedians rarely make good movies.

Trust me, the movie is light on logic and heavy on the absurd theatrics that I can’t help but love. Like what? Well how’s about a magical pair of ballerina slippers that allow Leonard to dish out some massive damage. Then there’s the scene where his life is saved with Melted butter… MELTED BUTTERRRRRRR…. Of course the beginning having some violent fish devour some na├»ve metro area pool swimmer at night is worth the price of admission as are the ostrich escape scene and one of the coolest vehicles unnecessarily blown up. Oh, and let us please not forget the scene with the sensual food fight. Trust me folks, this movie has it all… especially shit you weren’t expecting or even looking for, but I still love the damn flick. So be sure to netflick it or get it the $2 bargain bin at a CVS or Walgreen’s because that’s where you’ll probably find it.

Check out other past Guilty Pleasures you might enjoy.

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Originally posted on 6/11/08


Harry Pujols said...

I don't know. you include too many movies that are considered "classics". I mean, "The Beastmaster" and "The Warriors"? Those are not in the league of "Leonard Part VI". Try "Howard the Duck", "Earth Girls are Easy" or this decade's version of Leonard "Pluto Nash".

Me said...

Next week, Joker. Rambo 4 at RestrictionsApply's house. I'll pay for the hookers.

Joker said...

Wow... I haven't braved Pluto Nash. And I know they're not in the same league by a long shot... but they're still kind of bad to say the least. just because they're epic for reasons undefinable doesn't change that. but I do agree with you in regards to that... and how did you know Howard was on the list.

And again... Pluto Nash... wow... I'd have to lose a dare to see that one.

Anonymous said...

uhhh...bailarrrrr bailarrrrrrrrr bailarrrrrrr

yo me entiendo...

Lucila said...

My guilty pleasure? Hudson Hawk, Brainscan and People Under the Stairs.

Thinking In Vain said...

I've seen Howard the Duck. It tramatized me as a young child

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