Jun 18, 2008

I got the BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!!

As you all know, last Sunday I had my birthday. Since it was Father's Day, it was kind of difficult to celebrate with them. So I just accepted my luck - sharing a day with Father's Day kills me because this is one day I really hate (deadbeat dad, anyone?).

Wanna know what they did? They really surprised me. Travis got all "let's go have dinner" yesterday night. So I go with him and... what do I see? All my dear, dear friends waiting for me. Oh, important factor. Until yesterday, I never had a surprise Bday party. Yes, thirtysomething years and not one surprise. So yesterday night was a true gift for me.

More so, all my friends, the ones I truly love, were there sitting right next to me. I was smiling so much I think my facial muscles froze on me. RestrictionsApply, Joker and Madame Joker were there!!! My best friend - the one who dates stupid men and we ask about them here at WAS - was front and center as well. Lots of cool people I truly love. And some of them read this blog so...

Thank you all for coming, you made my year. I truly love each one of you.

Muuuuuuaks. Me.


MBM said...

Belated Happy Birthday. I wish I could have been there.

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