Jun 25, 2008


Ahhhh... the beauty of spam. Really if any region of our industry is ever evolving to continue to push unwanted messages onto us, it's our beloved SPAM. From Prince Obetu's fortune, to the IRS mailing you with a gmail address, we've seen it all... but lately I've gotten a few interesting spammers that got me thinking... wow, what will they think of next... like this precious email I checked at work just in case there was a real virus :D Lets analyze each part of the email and see how they've gotten my attention.


This my friends is a good start because we all know a stranger wanting you to commit your credit card number to an email needs to begin amicably.

This letter contains a virus which has been
successfully detected and cured.


If it's been detected and cured, why am I getting a warning?

To be at home, and your own man was not in the greatly pleased
and associated with her husband my permit, i ran downstairs
and straight to my by the name of davis has fallen in love
with bim said the captain gloomily, going a little for'ard,
carrying out her resolution, and it was not until juice
endued with four kinds of taste. Having 'thou hast discoursed
to me, o thou of righteous.

I think the sentiments are mutual. But I also feel the need to let you know something davis. I am with being mutuals of feelings to ring head of you though also will can massacre family of you if keep receiving these not virused but once virused and now cured contactions. I be wished the most best of sentimentations to your kindness of having write email.

Cheers are beings with you.


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