Jul 15, 2008

Advertising is all about P & BF

In case you're wondering what P & BF is all about, think about the last time you got shafted with stupid amounts of work, what did you get in return for being a compliant member of your agency's work force? A pat on the back? No. A raise? Please.

You see, when you offer to work your ass off and actually work your ass off until you're grinding your tail bone, there's one unanimous gesture performed by an agency that most of us have enjoyed......

The Pizza and Butt Fuck

That's right folks. Be a dedicated employee and you can enjoy a nice long night of work while munching on some luscious pizza. But wait!!! THERE'S MOREE!!!

If you act now and agree to work in advertising no matter the work conditions or lack of work conditions for that matter, you will get to enjoy repeat trips to the P & BF and with enough frequent visits you'll savor the true delight of a CF & TS extravaganza.

The Chinese Food & The Shits package.

Truly nothing inspires workers to go above and beyond the call of duty at their work place than heightened levels of msg, sodium, fat and carbohydrates.

So act now all you would be add fans and get your P & BF TODAYYYYYYY


adhack said...

We had pizza today. No late hours. No extra work. No special occasion.

It scared the hell out of us.

Me said...

Everytime I eat cold pizza I shiver.

Not a cool sight.

1Letterman said...

Once upon a time, I worked at Doner.

Doner was big on the P & BF.

I was viewed as Judas Iscariot for commenting, while refusing the "P" part of the P & BF, "Just because something's free doesn't mean I'm going to put it in my mouth."

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