Jul 22, 2008

The Continued Grace of Creative Guidance

51. Self expression shall always be the priority over any sense of strategy because what we do is art. Any other purpose attributed to an advert is arbitrary opinions of marketing monsters who don’t know the difference between a good ad and pickled broccoli.

52. If your ad makes too much sense it is wrong. We need an engaging advert that needs to be seen five times to be understood because people will want to see your ad that many times and more to see the true brilliance of what you’ve created to communicate silky smooth goodness.

53. A true creative must be medicated. Xoloft, Xanax & Prozac. Even if you don’t have emotional problems, these are mandatory to be taken because an emotionally stable creative is not much of a creative to begin with.

54. Every creative is indispensable at a film shoot. Make this known to the whole world and proclaim how you must protect the essence of the concept from the frail hands of weak producers and directors.

55. Leather sandals to work are a must. Crocs are also admissible but lower some points for not appreciating the opportunity to show off your poorly groomed nails.

56. Make sure you have an IMDB page dedicated to the glory which is you for a cameo appearance in an advert. Put down all you’ve been, profile pictures and give a brief biography. Extra points if you can keep a wikipedia page of yourself up.

57. Plan a dayspa getaway during the week so you can get your creative juices flowing.

58. A true creative has gray gums. Smoke until you achieve this and you will thank me later.

59. It is veritably impossible for any creative brief to be drafted correctly. Promptly hand it back indicating that it is incomplete.

60. What goes on in your head makes you a creative, what you put on it communicates just how creative you air. Trucker hat is ok but if you have a beret, you will communicate the epitome of creative cool.


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