Jul 20, 2008

Diary of an Intern: Day 8

Day 3 week 2

Note to self. Never take a creative too seriously. When I got to John's desk this morning, he asked why I came alone and later had to explain that he was kidding about earning the freedom of my cohorts. Suffice to say I felt like a jackass but he told me that it wasn't a bad thing and that I should choose one person to bring along so the other two could go with Louis J. unless I'd rather work with him. Needless to say it was pretty clear from my reaction that I much rather spend my time with the zombie squad of George and Ray than the pantaloon wearing douche bag known as Louis J. I was about to go back to the sixth floor and John stopped me telling me that I could call the room on the 6th floor from there which would be a tad quicker and save me the joy of having to look at.... what was it he said? Ah yes, that brown nosing douche bag that had become Louis J's new pet. Bobert he called him and then asked that I didn't pick him to bring over. No problem with me and from Steve and Jerry, well at least Jerry didn't make me nauseaous with the smell of saliva that just followed Steve around. Besides, I'm sure these guys would find this kid's dick antics hillarious. So I called the room and Jerry picked up the phone and, well I've neevr bailed anyone from jail, but I'm pretty sure I know what it sounds like. George and Ray got into the office at 10 because they'd left at 3 and I swear George lost an extra 2 pounds over night and Ray still looks like a racoon. Jerry arrives in like 3 minutes and almost breaks my shoulder from the thanks he patted onto me. We all then got talking because that group had a slow day since they'd stayed late getting out all the work Frank, the asshole AE had asked for rush style. John wasn't expecting revisions any time soon because with the jobs he'd sent a letter and various emails saying that any revision would have to wait a week or he'd hand in his resignation until Frank got his shit together and that furthermore, any revision solicited by a client needed to have an email with the request attached and a phone call to clear up any misunderstanding with the client. Ray was about to say thanks when John added that they'd finish the week at home Thursday and Friday because he'd asked for Personal Time for the team or else he'd sue. Needless to say both guys were shocked though I'm not sure why it's such a big deal... then again, I'm not in their shoes and this seems like Christmas for both of them. It was the least he could do, he said and that they should program vacation for the next month two weeks Ray, two weeks George before they had a nervous breakdown and so they could enjoy some type of normalcy. He also added that they shouldn't thank him too much because come Monday, it was probably going to be a rough week, but that some time off or light was needed. The bullshit excuse came to him the day before when I'd come over and he'd suggested to the CEO via email that he should give attention to the interns so they could be of some use, so they could learn and take away a positive experience from the agency. "So guys, the drinks tomorrow night are on me." He added. To which I was speechless until he said he was only kidding because it was a happy hour but that there'd be free booze and chicks hanging out. It was all going awesome until Kathy peeked into the work area and asked if she could talk to John. I could just see John's face reacting to what she was saying and it didn't look, but he then put a worried look and said something that had kathy saying not to worry. When he came back it seemed Louis J.'s team of creatives were swamped with work and needed help with some artworks. Ray and George looked almost defeated until George said something that caught everyone by surprise. He told his team not to worry because he had a plan. He'd said they were working on a new business initiative and wanted to hand something in by next week for a new client. They seemed almost relieved until they asked what the client was. His answer?"I don't know, that'll be the task of these guys (pointing at us). They're going to tell us which project they'd like to work on and help us look busy for a full week." Jesus... what the hell have I gotten myself into.


Lauren said...


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