Jul 4, 2008

Even More Creative Guidance for Youth

Because you need the right tools to make it in the wrong industry.

21. Buy the most expensive cell phone on the market. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to use it, as long as you have Fall Out Boy ringtones, you're on the right track.

22. A Creative without a tshirt with a message better be wearing a mesh shirt. Ironic t-shirts are the basis for a real creative. Wear the clothes, disregard the message, enjoy the limelight.

23. Quote random people at random. It really doesn't matter who you quote or if you get a quote wrong .Quoting makes you look intellectual, well read, and with a strong intellectual base for people to know you're the real deal when it comes to being creative.

24. Figurines, action figures, dolls or anything other anthropomorphic representation of anything is needed in your desk area if you are to be considered a bonafide creative. A creative expresses the inner most workings of their sould by letting you know what made their childhood.

25. Corduroy shall always be paramount while searching for the perfect blazer for your presentations. Ties are deemed unacceptable and color coordination is strictly arbitrary.... actually......

26. Have no sense of color coordination. The more painful the combination of colors draping over you, the more creative you are because there is a direct correlation between creativity and chromatic diarrhetic combustion. If people as if you're daltonic, you have done the correct thing.

27. If you don't drive a Smart car, a hybrid or a Mini Cooper you can file for career change here________.

28. Sneakers, jeans, a Grateful Dead T-shirt and a blazer is totally acceptable presentation wear.

29. Only go to the movies to watch documentaries and foreign films while always declaring your hatred for Hollywood and the deplorable movies they put forth.

30. If you don't start your day with a latte I don't want to have anything to do with you. Leave my sight.


shaun. said...

wait...so there is no way you can match clothing and be a creative?

wat if you are an art director?

Joker said...

Color coordination is for the feeble minded not the creative minded..... and I truly hope you're not taking this list seriously.

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