Jul 9, 2008

Fortune Cookie 500 #'s 151-155

On film shoots

Steer clear of the egos.

On sick days

Working at home on a sick day is still counted as a sick day. Use them wisely.

On typos

Sometimes there is an I in teamwork.

On office protocol

There's a reason no office handbook has ever had a section on test farts.

On great vintage advertising

Before Photoshop there was something called hard work.


RestrictionsApply said...

Oh man, don't even get me started on Film Shoots. Post coming soon!

Joker said...

He he he he, looking fwd to it. :D

adhack said...

Love the typo line.

If you ever write a book about copywriting, that should be your title.

Thinking In Vain said...

Before Photoshop there was something called hard work.

Hey! Photoshop is hard work. :p

Joker said...

@ hack. Will definitely take into consideration

@ kym: I know it is, but man you should talk to the oldschool people and just ask them to tell you how they used to verify colors on their ads. Insane.

Dabitch said...

Shit man, now I feel old. Thatnks a lot. I can still do wax & paste.

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