Jul 30, 2008

The Grace of Creative Guidance Continues

You are still not completely guided so buckle in and enjoy more wisdom from someone who really knows about what he’s talking about.

61. Soul patch. Grow it, spray it on, stain your chin with ink. I don’t care. Just do it.

62. If male, one earring in your left ear lobe please. Women? I better feel the kabala cascading off your ear dressery.

63. Men get a ponytail. Women get a Caesar cut. These have not been mentioned up til now because only if you’ve followed the preceding 62 steps will you be creative enough for the ponytail or Caesar look.

64. Drama people. If your work place doesn’t have it, it’s YOUR job to make it happen. Crank the drama up, the logic down and you better be angry about something before the end of this post.

65. You absolutely NEED a pompous signature. When signing a layout you want your signature to look better than the artwork.

66. If you don’t own a Warhol book what are you doing even reading this.

67. Nikon or Cannon camera valued at more than $600. How can you even conceive being a creative without a REAL camera?

68. Reminisce. You can’t be a real creative if there wasn’t a time when everything was better, more creative and just the way it had to be.

69. Your work area needs some Asian theme that screams Feng-Shui, good taste and creative bliss.

70. When someone asks you about their work, say it’s ok, but that’s it should be a Lion.


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