Jul 12, 2008

Have you ever... Part Deux.

11) Talked shit about a coworker or boss... to then realize that they are so close that they heard it?

12) Thought that you could do your Creative Director's job way better?

13) Sent a dirty email to a client because you are so accustomed to sending emails to him/her?

14) cursed in the middle of a huge presentation?

15) had sex at the office?

16) seen your boss so wasted you wanted to film it and put it on YouTube as an anonymous poster?

17) woken up, taken a bath, eat breakfast... and then suddenly remember it's Saturday and you don't have to work that weekend?

18) seen interns loving the job and wanting to tell them "Now is the time to change careers, do it now before you ruin your life?

19) sneaked away to watch a movie or go to the beach?

20) told gossip about your ad agency... and then you regretted it?


Me said...

11) Nope. I do my shit talking elsewhere.

12) Yes. And I sure did for years.

13) I didn't, but I know someone who did send a huge porno video, had to drive to the client and actually beg her not to open it. The email never arrived. Talk about one lucky bastard.

14) Yes. Good thing the client found it funny.

15) I'll answer that one with just one word: Today. Booyaka.

16) Yeah. One time he said that he would leave me his agency to run it. If I had a camera, I would have told him to say it again.

17) Last week. It was horrible.

18) I did tell some interns that. The guys looked like I cursed at them. Losers.

19) Both, yes.

20) Sadly, yes.

Dabitch said...

11) Nope. Don't shit where you eat.

12) Uhmmm. Yep. Only recently though, never when I was a green ad-kid. Big meetings bore me.´and god knows the CD gets a lot of that.

13) Nope. Been flirty though.

14) Yep, in three different languages. Damn my potty-mouth.

15) Nope. I've slept at the office but no hanky-panky. I'm loud.

16) I've seen other peoples bosses that wasted and recorded them. Bless Cannes and the gutter bar.

17) What do you mean no work on Saturday?

18) Yep, but then they turned out to be assholes so I thought they deserved advertising. They were both fired and long-term out of work later. Karma, man.

19) Yep. Movies. Often. Also caf├ęs for pinball sessions but I called it research.

20) Nope. Odd as it may seem, I can actually keep a secret and most work things are. At least the fun pitch details that you'd want to gossip about.

Lucila said...

11) I wasn't talking shit about him but I was using highly creative cursing words including my private parts and yes... he was right behind me.

12) Some days

13) no no no thank God no! but there was this dirty puppet video I made that someone else send to all the bosses and some clients.

14) I try to keep my mouthy shut at all times.

15) umm yes...

16) been through my mind... I know too many secrets

17) not that far but I had woken up in panic.

18) Yeah I have. Is like watching a flan crumble.

19) I got sick oncem left the offcie and felt better while driving back home so I detoured to the movies.

20) No that's like talking shit about your family. No people outside need to know.

Jeff said...

11) Yep. Oh Well.

12) Of course. I am awesome.

13) YEs. Long ago.

14) Fuck Yes.

15) nope.

16) Yes. But it was long before youtube existed.

17) No.

18) Yes. And I do tell them.

19) Yes.

20) Regret nothing.

Thinking In Vain said...

11) Nope. The walls have ears here.

12) I wish.

13) No.

14) Nope.

15) Nope.

16) Not yet.

17) Yes. All the time. Well, I usually realize what's going on before I get into the shower. But I've definitely *thought* it was Saturday when it was Friday and almost missed work.

18) Yes. I should tell him now.

19) I haven't thought of a way to do that yet.

20) YES.

Me said...

Hey Lucy!!! I'm proud of you girl!!!

Me said...

Escaping work to go to the movies is easy. Use the following excuses:

1) Sudden doctor's appointment of any child (child/sister/niece).

2) Problem at home that no one can fix: water leak, gas, electric man coming and no one is home.

3) If you have some power in your agency, claim that you have a meeting with X client. Three hours will do.

4) Sudden diarrhea, migraine, allergy. Look sick in 20 minutes, go home. I used the I'm going to puke method and actually made sounds of puking at the bathroom. Worked like a charm.


(Beach is more difficult because of tan lines)

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