Jul 7, 2008

A Homage to Texan: I am never...

Texan in Hippieland - or might I say in Texas? - wrote an excellent post about things he's never doing again. I decided to join in the fun and write my own 10 items. Jesus, when Joker gets back he will have a field day with this...

1) I am never getting drunk again. I strive on being on control of myself and when I lose that I go bananas. There are things that I keep to myself and I am worried that I share them with people. We all have our little secrets, big and small.

2) I will never trust anyone who promises something and doesn't deliver. I'm like a man, I believe in someone's word and when they fail to deliver it's over for me. Trusting or believing in shit has caused a lot of pain and that is one thing that will never happen to me again.

3) I will never plan ahead for more than two months at a time. Saves a shitload of problems. Don't like it? Let's sing that song again... Don't gooooo changing, to try to please me... People are supposed to love me exactly for who I am.

4) I will never, ever again, hide my problems to the people I love and trust. I wasted too much time when I did and I realized if I had told the truth I would have had their help, no matter what.

5) I will never not visit my mom from time to time or tell her that I will call her back later. I am still getting over the fact that I could have lost her this past week and I realized that giving your all to the one person you love most is a thing to treasure. By the way, if any out there knows how I can work around my nightmares of her dying, please let me know. I haven't been sleeping well.

6) I will never again think that traveling to somewhere beautiful and exotic is not in my reach. I don't care if I have to borrow a shitload of money from the bank, I am traveling the world. Period.

7) I will never fight over stupid changes, stupid headlines or ugly artwork. Hey if I get paid, you get the shittiest ad in the world and I only will smile.

8) I will never give second chances to anyone I've dated. If they chose to live without me, there was a good reason. Again, don't go back on your word. Besides, it takes a lot of work to delete someone from your life... want me to do it again? Nah.

9) I will never marry or date someone that I don't truly love, trust and respect. Divorce costs a bundle. And I really don't want to call up a detective ever again in my life.

10) I will never lie to myself, ever again.


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