Jul 30, 2008

An honest Review: Batman-The Dark Knight

So a couple of days ago I watched Dark Night at an Imax Theater. First of all, if you are going to see this movie, Imax is the way to go. Period. I remember we sat down and - I am not kidding - the dudes from the theater advised us that they: 1) had just installed a new sound system, 2) the sound was extremely loud and potent, and last but not least, 3) they were not going to turn it down. We looked at each other and thought... are we going to bleed from the fucking ears?? Well, let's put it this way...

I would not have cared if I did.

Dark Knight is what super hero movies should be. It takes Iron Man and turns it to eleven, if it's even possible. While Iron Man is funny and action packed, Dark Knight is, well, for a lack of a better word: dark... and intense.

The best review in my book is at Totally Rad Show. Look it up, download the podcast and watch it. It is dead on. I agree that the movie is awesome, and much more when you get to Imax the shit out of it. The moment the screen opens up, you cannot believe that shit. I even got a bit of vertigo from one of the scenes.

Joker? Ok so the man delivered. Does he deserve an Oscar? Nah, I don't think so. It is a great part, Ledger sure had to do some research because his character is filled with little details you have to love. It sure is a powerful performance - and I didn't want to accept this part, but it's true. There is one explosion scene where he doesn't even talk... Jesus H Christ.

The one problem I had with all the movie, which was also TravisFckr and RestrictionsApply only complaint... Christian Bale's BatMan voice. Dude! Why so seriously over acted??? The deep raspy voice doesn't work this time. It's not the same as in the first, Bale decided to up the shit a bit and it sounds... well... crappy. Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent? Brilliant. The dude rocked it hard core. His make up did not get in the way of his great acting, that's for sure.

One more thing. Well, two. First? The Score. This is one soundtrack I would not mind buying. IT IS AMAZING. You feel it from top to bottom but it doesn't fuck with the story or acting. In fact, it makes everything better. The other? Nolan. Christopher Nolan is one great fucking director. There are shots in this movie that some directors dream of achieving.

So? Go see it, and remember, Imax it.


Texan said...

For the most part, I agree. Ledger was dead on. The story was good. Two-face? Awesome.

But I did find it a way too long. And I love how the batcycle can easily blow cars up (and out of the way) yet batman doesn't bother to just shoot the joker with those motorcycle batguns.

It was great. But Ironman was better.

In my opinion.

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