Jul 1, 2008

If you think advertising sucks...

I got news for you. It pales in comparison to one career I just noticed this past week: nurses.

As you all know, mom was at the hospital for her accident and I was there day and night, sleeping besides her to keep her company and help out in any way possible. So one night, while mommy slept, I lay wide awake watching her and seeing nurse after nurse come in and do stuff. That is a hard core job, let me tell you. I felt almost ashamed to whine about my stupid layouts at some point. Why? Let's give you the run down:

1) You have to deal with people who are either pissed off, sad or whacked out of their minds on meds. That means listening to patients scream in pain, scream that they want their medicine NOW, cry because they hurt... It is truly draining and they all do it with a smile and a gentle hand. Granted, there are some nurses out there who can see you bleeding to death and give a fuck about your Demerol... but those are a few rotten apples. All the ones I saw were just tender while I heard loads of people complaining to them about everything under the sun.

2) Shit. Piss. Vomit. Blood. Yes my friends, they clean shit up, put a bedpan under you and get the wonderful experience of flushing your bodily liquids or... you know. Also, they get to wipe a load of blood and just when they thought it was over, they get to mop chunks from the floor.

3) The hours suck. They have horrible shifts, some of them work the nights all way to morning. And trust me, they never stop. They keep an eye out on EVERYBODY. They check your temperature, your blood pressure... every few hours. And yes, they do wake people up and they get shit for it. And they all smile.

4) They deal with Über Gods. That's what I call doctors. Yes, they deal with egos, screams, attitude, lectures. They are and will always be worker bees. They are there only to check on the patients while the doctors are watching a game of tennis while drinking a mojito, safe at home. They are supposed to deal with anything and only call when it's an emergency. Talk about responsibilities.

5) Gore. They have seen shit that can make us have nightmares for months. They have seen gashes, bones sticking out of places that shouldn't, gunshot wounds galore and more depressing shit than we can ever imagine. Think of Robocop and take it to eleven (nice Spinal Tap reference, huh?). The incredible part is that they have to keep their cool and not freak out everytime they see something nasty. Award winner.

6) Naked people. Yes, they see everyone naked. Not only that, they have to bathe every single person on their floor. They get to see people's junk, and I bet some which they pray they didn't have to. Also, they have to have the strength to pick up or handle anyone, from the thinnest of beings to the super heavy ones. And I whined about carrying bags from the grocery store. Yikes.

I have a challenge for you. The next time you feel the need to complain about that stupid account executive because they handed late jobs with a smile, think of one thing: if you were a nurse, you might have to clean his or her shit and smile. Yeah. Some people do have jobs that suck more than we do.

We're so lucky and we don't even realize it sometimes...


Powerful advertising said...

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Joker said...

There are definitely careers that suck a whole lot more than advertising and people pull it off with grace and a smile. Just shows that there are people that are so much better than you that maybe you should give your AE a break.... nah, it's still fun to screw em over. :D

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