Jul 7, 2008

A Random act of kindness?

The power of a glance is powerful.

Yesterday night I was driving home a little late and my little car beeped. Almost no gas. Shit. I am in the shittiest place in the world, but I know that with the gas that I have I am not getting home. So I drive up to the nearest and scariest gas station you can ever imagine.

There are two drunk bums at the front of the door. Right next to the place where you pay, there are two guys buying what I believe was beer and whatever, their car already set to go. They look at me, they look at the bums, who are heading my way.

Here is where something lovely happened.

I glance at one of the guys. I beg in my brain, please don't leave me alone here. They look at me back and suddenly they are talking to the bums while I pay and fill the tank. When I'm finished, the guy just looks at me, I smile and they get in their cars. A Thank you smile was all it took.

People should do more random acts of kindness like these dudes... I am very grateful. Honestly. I will pay it forward someday. I sure will.


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