Jul 1, 2008

Say no to _________ day

Today we celebrate the age old tried and true practice of saying no to..... basically anything really. People have said no to war, no to drugs, no to homelessness, no to AIDS, no to poverty and no to about a million other things. It almost comes as a surprise to me when people ask why I’m a pessimist or I’m having a negative day. Seriously with all the “no we won’t” that’s going along, it’s a surprise anyone agrees to do anything really. You see people either want to say no to something, save something or declare war on something. But people really love to say no to things. Hell, even advertising says no a hell of a lot. Say no to drop calls. Say no to spillage. Say no to calories.

So to day, just because I’m in the mood to say no to shit, it’s the Say no to Day or if you want a trendy name SeNotu (you know a product name is always better with arbitrary caps that disregard the conformed and followed rules of grammar).

I’ll start with five things, you write if you want.

Say no to stinky manholes.

Say no to untrimmed neck hairs.

Say no to dangly boogers.

Say no to soggy French fries.

And of course…….

Say no to shitty advertising.

Happy hating.



dearjanesample said...

I like hating .... hating is fun.

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