Jul 1, 2008

SeNotu #1: Say no to Twitter

Do I know what Twitter is? Barely but I do know that I’m probably not going to get into it. It’s enough that people can check on my status and verify the most recent pictures to see what new looks I might be donning, but to constantly give a feed over what I’m doing? I dunno, seems a bit much to me if. I consider this blog my twitter and to be honest, I have enough distractions in my immediate surroundings to also become a twittering twit twitting twitfully about twits. Really, I think being in touch is nice, but the degree of voyeurism we invite people to jack off to is a bit alarming since many of the people I know who have asked me why I don’t use twitter (sorry not gonna jump on the googling bandwagon of turning a noun into a verb… at least for now : D ), well they actually tell pretty much EVERYTHING they have done, are doing and will do. Sorry but that element of surprise of calling someone up to see what we’ll do before they know what I want to do still seems like something interesting.

Is this pretty much blind preaching because I haven’t succumbed to the beauty of Twitter. Most definitely, but hey, simply put: Joker don’t do Twitter.

ps.: there might be a counter post to this in about 3 months time, I know, but if politicians can Flip Flop... so can I but it seems kind of unlikely with this one.


Powerful advertising said...

twittering twit twitting twitfully about twits....... thanks for giving me another tongue-twister....lol

Joker said...

Anytime :)

Will be re-posting something you might like if you're into tongue twisters.


Chef Joker

Kristan said...

I TOTALLY FEEL THE SAME WAY! It's like, holy cow people, don't b*tch about the Patriot Act and then put every second of your whole life on the internet. That's called hypocrisy.

(And this is called, being dramatic for effect. But I'm sure you get my point. :P)

Kristan said...

PS: I found you through http://violasiris.wordpress.com/

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