Jul 14, 2008

SeNotu #3: Bluetooth Earpieces

It’s not enough that we’re technologicalized to the ridiculous point where we can’t survive for a week without checking our emails, texting someone or taping 5 hours of programming we might not really need, now we have people looking like pseudo would-be androids with mechanical contraptions sticking out of their ears so they can keep in touch.

Clarification (as I feel one should be given): I DO think Bluetooth earpieces are a good thing because while driving, you should have better control and sometimes you actually need your two hands while making a phone call, but seriously, does that mean we have to be THIS connected every waking moment of our days. Does that mean we have to look like some Star Trek reject with a phone call at the touch of a button to confuse onlookers who happen to look at you on your non-earpiece wearing side, swearing you have a little more than just issues? You can’ t tell the crazies from the techies from the douchies thanks to the overuse and abuse of technology.

Couple this with the glorified 21st century version of the Avalon and other feathered professional hairstyles and no wonder the women you attract have a PHD in nail polish and an F in street smarts. Leave the damn earpiece in the car and look normal for a change. I know you think you look hip and trendy and sophisticated but that’s all an illusion in your head caused by overexposure to Bluetooth signals.

In essence I think I’m trying to say this: a great speaker once said: “lend me your ears” and I’m wondering why the hell we insist on letting the Matrix take them away? Give that tooth a cavity and pull the fucker out before you lose all sense of reality and the grasp of a conversation that is had with your hand bent at a 40 degree angle up towards your head so you don’t spend a whole day consuming your roll over minutes.


* to my dear friend, Man Olive... no offense bro. You know I love you long time.


Jeff said...

I wish I could take credit for this but it was my friend Walter who coined the perfect term for those people who walk around wearing the bluetooth headset...

They are Blue Tools.

adhack said...

Every time I see someone walking around with a BT earpiece, I think they're taking orders for Burger King.

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