Jul 22, 2008

SeNotu #5: Say no to Faux Hawkes

Too far some people might say I've gone, then again, these people have to use a shitload of gel and proudly proclaim that they're too much of a pussy to get a real hawk or real enough to get a normal haircut. You see, there's nothing wrong with styling your hair if you really like it a certain way. Who am I to judge your taste regarding the silky smoothness of your hair? What I am able to opine is quite simply that just because a hair cut is the latest fad, NOT EVERYONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GET IT.

With startlingly low exceptions, people with Faux Hawkes have been duped into believing their look is edgy, creative and ahead of the trends. Wake up son. You ARE part of the trend and are comfortably following the current of what is supposedly righteous and what is not. Not to mention the fact that this look is more tailored for gay guys than straight creatives trying to look trendy. That's right guys, I just said you got a gay hair cut. Don't believe me? Ask a girl; any girl and I will guarantee you one thing... If she says it doesn't look gay, she's being nice.

So be kind, say no to trendy haircuts unless you don't mind being part of the flock.



Jetpacks said...

Silky smoothness? Did someone see Zohan? STOOPID movie - but hilarious.

If you sport the faux hawke, you likely also wear a big belt buckle, but you only tuck your too-tight t-shirt into your low-rise jeans at the front. Which doubles the gay factor.

Joker said...

Totally agree on Zohan, idiot movie but really REALLY enjoyed it and actually considering dressing up as Zohan for Halloween.

As for the rest of the outfit you described, I think it triples the gay factor.... and I also have friends who sport all of the above he he he.

James Feess said...

I've joined the 'going bald at 23' flock. I think it will catch on.

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