Aug 26, 2008

Advertising people just don’t get a break

You know we’re doomed as a professional group when even pop culture media outlets like The Onion make fun of just how pathetic we are. Here is a little something published in the online edition of the rag, for the week of August 20, 2008. It simply says so much about us:

Family Comes First, Reports Man Trying To Get Out Of Work
EDINA, MN—Frank Noller, married father of two and advertising copywriter for Harton & North, extolled the virtues of family and parental responsibility in an attempt to leave the office 45 minutes early Monday. "My [14-year-old] son's got a bad cough," Noller told his boss before leaving, sighing unhappily as if he would have preferred to remain at work and do his job. "Gotta keep your priorities straight." Upon arriving home, Noller informed his wife that he would not be able to attend his daughter's gymnastics recital because he was "swamped with work."


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