Aug 15, 2008

Five minutes to know everything: Epic Fu.

I have been yapping about the guys at Revision 3 since... forever. I tell you, R3 will rule the world someday. Why? Because of shows like this: Epic Fu! In their website, they refer themselves as:

EPIC FU is your guide to what the web is buzzing about. It's a new kind of web show -- interactive and immersive. It's the owner's manual for the Internet generation. I started watching since they first aired and trust me, this is one program I never miss.

Look people, it just takes 5 minutes of your life to know some cool shit maybe you didn't see in a week or so. The cool thing? You can watch it via internet or tell your TiVo to download it. How fucking cool is that? The link to their latest episode is at the name of the post, so you can do the Pinkberry approach: try it first to see if you like it.

Interested in more? Revision has it going on. They have their big ass show, Diggnation, which still rules and must not be missed. Also, the Totally Rad Show is another huge hit with the geek crowds (SDCC 08 had them do a full episode, live). The list goes on and on. Trust me, go running to In the end you'll be like me, hooked on some of their programs, hard core.

Well, go get your Fu. Zady will sure help you out!


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