Aug 7, 2008

Get In. Get Out. Remember Forever

Taking advantage of the current restaurant review trend here at WAS, I am taking the liberty of scaling things down a bit and sharing my In-N-Out Burger experience with you all.

In-N-Out Burger is that southwestern burger treat comparable to the fine burger experience had at your local White Castle. It was recently made famous by a trashy (and most likely junked out) Britney Spears, who went to get her grub on at an LA location, wearing little more than a dirty wifebeater and short-shorts… and barefoot. Plus, the place has been featured in countless movies that highlight redneck chic, so it has an aura all its own.

So, it was imperative that during a recent trip with Me and TravisFucker, we go to one and try it for ourselves. First thing: this is the kind of place that can only be enjoyed after midnight, to get the full effect. At that hour the place has a fairly sizeable number of people hanging out, eating their way out of a hangover, a sleepless night… whatever.

The place is just made for clueless wackos: the menu has just five items – hamburger, cheeseburger, double-double, fries, shakes and Coke. That’s it, no fancy combos, no complicated French words, and no foreign ingredients (unless you consider red onions foreign, which they don’t have anyway). Even the art direction of the menu is kept at a minimum – black and red lettering over white – no food styling shots.

You wait in line, you order, you eat, you leave, just like the brand name promises: In-N-Out. The d├ęcor is also barebones: white floors, white walls, white ceilings, red tables.

As for the burgers, well, what do you expect for under $5.00? I assure you this is not Grade-A prime beef, but at 2:00 a.m., a burger is burger, and it gets the job done. Like White Castle, it’s not about the burger, it’s about the experience. And at In-N-Out, it’s all about sitting with like-minded people who have no shame in wearing dirty clothes, flip-flops, sporting serious bed head, etc., sharing a solid meal. Isn’t that what eating is all about?


Me said...


Travis sends this message: good one.

Me said...

Oh! By the way!!

Cooked Beef Between the Buns for Travis, laughing like crazy during the process.

He loved it!!! LOL!

adhack said...

Trust me, In-n-Out is no ordinary burger stand. They grind all thier own beef, the bake all their own buns and nothing is frozen (except the shakes). The reason they have not spread to the rest of the country is that all locations have to be a one-day drive from their central plant.

They also have a "secret" menu. It used to be truly secret, but now you can read about it on their site.

Me said...

You know what? I was kind of expecting more flavor. The buns I found a bit over toasted and the meat... oh well.

But Restrictions is right: at certain time of night and with the right people, you can have a blast.

Next stop? Japan! Right Restrictions???

Make the logo bigger said...

I’m such a loser. Saw them all over the place when we were on tour and never stopped. We had this no fast food rule thing.

Guess In-n-Out is waaaaaay better?


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