Aug 12, 2008

It's Joker's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, in about two hours, the Joker man will celebrate his birthday. 28 years!!! I have been telling him that he has a true fan base - which he still doesn't believe - so I wanted to celebrate early with all our WAS readers. From myself, Restrictions and Travis, I think that the best gift was to do, or at least try to write the best damn post about him. I hope I can do him justice, because I speak from all of us when I say that we truly love him.

Without further ado... 28 things we love about Joker!!!!! Enjoy!

1) He can go hours and hours on dick jokes and every single one is damn funny.

2) He is a great son. Trust me.

3) He has the perfect woman by his side and celebrates that fact every single day.

4) He is a incredible friend to have. Yeah. People say that all the time. Few of us can actually mean it.

5) He never judges. Still, he's tough when he has to.

6) His vocabulary is amazing. I sometimes wish he would do the Joker's dictionary. I would read that book in no time.

7) He's following on a dream few of us actually will ever do: write a book.

8) No matter if you are crying your heart out, Joker can make you laugh in 8 seconds flat.

9) If you tell him don't tell a soul, he delivers.

10) He's the perfect Messenger pal you could ever have.

11) You can text him anytime with a typo question and he will try to help out always.

12) He can write 20 great fucking headers in two hours. Seen them. Awesome.

13) He is extremely responsible. Sometimes to the detriment of his health, but hey, who tells him otherwise???

14) He hates people who wear Corduroy Jackets with passion. Who doesn't?

15) He does a mean Borat cosplay.

16) Cock fingering. Yes, if it wasn't for that term which he wrote, WAS would not get such loads of visitors. (Nope, he didn't coin the phrase, he just wrote it here. LOL)

17) He knows his boxing shit, hard core. If you wanna know who's gonna win any bout, you should ask him first.

18) His posts have been posted all over the net. He alone has made WAS "famous", if you could call it that. I am extremely proud of him for that single fact alone. WAS without Joker would be... BLAH.

19) Admit it: we all come running on WAS at some point during the day because we wanna read Joker's latest bash, filled with the greatest swearing ever. Trixie Dimple Tits is a great example of writing at its best.

20) Don't get him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

21) He's a great dude to work with. During my few years sharing the same office, we had a blast. Never had so much fun like that, ever again.

22) Call him up. If he doesn't answer, don't worry. He will call. He never leaves anyone hanging.

23) His relationship with Ms. Joker is the true example of respect, love and understanding. She is one lucky lady and he is as well. Um. Wait. He's a lucky lady? Dammit. I meant... well, you know. Ha.

24) He is the one dude that still loves music and tries everything under the sun in that department.

25) Do him wrong once, he will let it pass. Do him wrong twice... look under the car for a bomb.

26) He is extremely loyal to his friends. He believes in the Godfather way of living.

27) Workaholic? Asshole? Dweeb? Joker will tell you what you are exactly to your face. Seen him do it. Howled laughing at the guy who Joker ripped a new one.

28) He has a wonderful future, a great lady by his side and so much talent than we will ever have or wish for. He sometimes makes me wish I had his brain when I was his age.

So, young skywalker, this is my tribute to you. May you celebrate tomorrow like crazy your 28 years. We are all better persons for knowing both you and the future miss Joker.

Felicidades, Joker!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joker! Hope you have a great one.

Eugen Suman said...

Happy Birthday!!! May your clients be gentle and your AE's smart.

Also, happiness, money and love.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Joker--is only 28? !! How can such a young guy possess so much wisdom and orneryness? Not to mention awesome insight in the effortless prose he seems to be able to write on command. Happy day, Joker. May next year's bash be combined with a book party!

Thinking In Vain said...


I'll second the "true fan base" part. Hope you have an amazing birthday and well, I hate men in Corduroy jackets to... especially with the leather elbow patches! ;)

Make the logo bigger said...

28? these kids today...



Me said...

Yep. 28 years old. Imagine what he will know and do at 40. Can you say Total World Domination???

Hm. A world governed by Joker would mean 3 day work weeks, mandatory surfing, no size zero women, sushi would be national meal...


shaun. said...

happy bday dude!

keep up the good work and i hope to meet someone like you in real life one day.

i too and part of you "true fan base."

like a groupie....a lazy groupie.

Justin said...

Happy Birthday Joker!

I'm throwing out all my corduroy jackets as we speak. It's bittersweet.

adhack said...

Happy Birthday Joker-man!

May you live to see a thousand more!


P.S. You're way too fucking young

RestrictionsApply said...

Happy belated birthday wishes from your advertising bro...

Lucila said...

Happy belated birthday Mr. Joker!!!
I'm also one of your fans!!! Keep working on that book I sense an awesome future!

Anonymous said...

Joker - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. you sound like one happy and lucky sob, many people must hate you and this is the best compliment of all!

Joker said...

@ Fox: Many thanks luv, had to work but din din was delish. Celebration might be coming along during the weekend though.

@ Eugen: He he he, thanks man. The clients were pushed to a side since I'm working on a New Business. As for the lower three requests, I got happiness and love down nicely, cash eludes but I don't need that much to be happy.

@ Adbroad: Ha ha ha ha, yes luv. My age is out of the closet lol. But my sincerest thanks for the compliments. All these messages couple with an insistent girlfriend made it a most happy birthday regardless of any mishap the day might have had. :D

@ TIV: I ALMOST spit out water from the leather elbow pads. Couldn't agree more. Thanks for always lurking around and bringing a smile with ease.

@ MTLB: Funny thing I'm old for some people and a young'un for others. You just can't win eh? Many many thanks.

@ Me: I don't blush often. Thanks for making me look like a ripe tomato. You are one of my best friends and me love you long long time.

@ Shaun: who knows, maybe we'll be able to share a beer during an empty book signing. :D

@ Justin: You do a good move unless you want success via corduroy. It's all up to you, but something tells me you don't need no silly jacket.

@ Adhack: A thousand.... that would mean getting bitten by a vampire which would be irony working to no end with the first book I'm 3/4's done with.

@ Restrictions: Hermano, se le quiere por cuan perdido esté. Much love and all the best to you always.

@ Lucila: and I'm a fan of your comments. Thanks for always reading and hope to keep you smiling and laughing luv. :)

@ Dear Jane: They try to hate me, but they can't help but want me oh so bad. lol. JK. I dunno if I'm hated by anyone. Disliked? Of course, but hated? I'd have to really fuck someone over and if that happened, the feeling would be mutual. As for being a lucky SOB, I say that to myself every day while following up with a thank you to whatever lets me have my luck be it karma, a god, fate or just lady luck winking her eye at me.

To all of you, thanks for reading, thanks for these comments and just thanks for everything.

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