Aug 27, 2008

Joker’s 20 on 20 -- Fox's Den --

Sometimes we read ad blogs that just resonate with our way of seeing the ad industry. Other times we read ad blogs that tell it like it is. Some ad blogs we read just purely for cathartic purposes. But sometimes, we don’t read ad blogs. Sometimes we actually read random blogs that catch our attention for some reason.

Enter Fox’s Den.

I could tell you a lot about the blog but let me sum it up by saying, it has little or nothing to do with advertising, it has push ups and there are a variety of random posts I find interesting for being way off my typical beaten path. So I wrote the den’s matriarch and she was kind enough to read 20 questions and give me 20 answers. Enjoy

1. What is life like being a fox?

Busy, but somehow full of procrastination. Tiring, but I do it to myself. Happiest when Wil is in a great mood. Lonely sometimes when he's working away. Challenging often because of a 10yr old. Boring when the weekly school term routine is in full swing. Tortured when the nights are drawing in and winter gets closer.... 10 months like a leopard trapped in a shoebox and 2 months wishing the cloud would clear today.

2. If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Le Tigre - Deceptacon.

Bit of a scatty song, accurately reflecting my state of mind half the time.

So finally, who took the ram from rama-lama-ding-dong

3. You are in charge of developing an obstacle course. What would go in it and what would you call the final course?

This depends on who will be sent through the course. If it's people I dislike then you can expect it to be called (rather unimaginatively) HELL and it would contain a chamber of cats breath with a time-sensitive release door, a room of midges from the Scottish Highlands and to get out of that room you have to ascend a steep ramp covered in lard. Finally an area filled by my next door neighbours and their multitude of crappy cars, oil patches and mountain of shite from outside their house that they're too lazy to clear up. If you can work your way through that last space then GOOD on you is all I can say because I have trouble just when I attempt to walk past it.

Then your neighbours ask why you give out razor filled apples.

4. Hubby is to Fox as ______

vinegar is to oil. Interesting and very individual in their qualities but a great compliment when mixed together! (Class, but cheesy!)

May life’s salad yield great freshness to you both.

5. What's the best part of people watching with the hubby?

He always says what I'm thinking in a much funnier way than I could have thought of. Never fails to make me laugh.

Nothing completes a relationship better than laughter.

6. If you had your own energy drink, what would you call it and why?

The Universal Re-energising Drink. So I can giggle when I see people drinking TURD.

And if there were addicts you’d call them Flushed Turds. Thanks for the laugh.

7. When's your son's next "major movie" coming out? What would it be called?

Probably sooner than we're all ready for. I imagine it will be called 'RamblecopstersO'Matic' or something completely bizarre. kids think up the oddest things.

I was an odd youth as well, I just never grew out of that “phase”. Looking forward to the bizarre romp though.

8. Name 5 songs that always seem to make you smile.

I don't have 5......but here are a few I can think of that made me smile recently!

Madcon - Beggin'

Funkstar/Bob Marley Remix - Sun is Shining

Bugz in the Attic - Booty La La

Sexy cops, funky tunes and I see the fox likes to haves tha flow going, eh luv?

9. Why did you begin to blog?

Because 5 years ago Wil's mother’s behaviour caused him to split up with me (it was less hassle to be a son with no life and a curfew) and I needed a place to vent my destroyed soul! Luckily he realized he couldn't live without me!

Now that’s an answer I would have NEVER expected. Am glad he saw the light coming from the twinkle in a fox’s eye. :)

10. Finish this sentence: the world without advertising would be.......

one with less debt and uninterrupted tv shows.

God you’re so right about interruptions. Probably inspired a future rant ;) thanks

11. Your top ten camping destinations you'd love to visit and why?

China - For the amazing landscape (have already been but need more time)
South America - For the way of life and atmosphere
Morocco - amazing landscape, culture, food and the friendliest people (been, but warrants another visit)
Mongolia - Space and lack of concrete
Eritrea - For the unknown (and land mines so I hear)
Mexico - For the Food, history and climate
Russia - For the vastness and differing cultures within it
Madagascar - Lemurs!
Romania - Castles
Spain - because we need to find a place to relocate to!

And because they all have extremely different cultures to mine.

Hope I get to go to half of that. :D I’m sure the inspiration to write would be utterly delicious.

12. What's the worst job you've ever had?

I've had 3 worst jobs! But the best of the worst has to be when I worked as a PA to the Finance Director at Securicor. He was a demanding son of a bitch and had a thing about being made tea 'on the hour, every hour'. If I didn't stop what I was doing to fetch his cup every hour on the hour he'd rudely come out and slam it on my desk. He was belittling, selfish, rude and chauvinistic. He had no concept of anyone’s feelings (made blatant when he refused me a day's leave when my granddad died by saying 'if it had been someone of more importance like your mother then I'd consider it). When I left I posted him an envelope of teabags in the internal mail so he could make his own and told him what I thought of him. Also adding that he should cut off that ridiculous porn star moustache because everyone though he looked a complete cock.

I saw him a few months later in town without the moustache so hopefully the nerve I hit will manifest itself as a nasty insecurity.

Infact - put him on the list to be included in my 3rd wish.

Put on that list and chuckling at his former porn pube lip.

13. If Fox made her own cocktail, what ingredients would it have, what would you name it and how much would you charge for it?

I have my own cocktail of sorts:

- GIN of course
- Vermouth
- Tonic Water

I call it a 'Cheeky Gin' because it looks like you're drinking sparkling water and you can get away with knocking a couple back while cooking dinner before someone realizes you're half cut!

I'd charge £1 and it'd be tax-free because pleasure shouldn't involve tax.

AMEN to the tax-freedom. That’s pretty much a fortune cookie right there. :D

14. Word association. I say a word you say what comes to mind (it can be a phrase):

a. Essence - Vanilla
b. Exercise - Damn! Why do I have to?
c. Pushup - M-u-s-t r-e-a-c-h 1-0-0..
d. Hell - At least it's warm
e. Advertising - GIVE US YOUR MONEY!
f. Crowds - Who's got garlic breath?
g. Coffee - Make mine a latte
h. Limerick - Rubbish, unfunny, tacky
i. Family - Mine's great, everyone elses is a pain the ass.
j. Aurora - like "aura" and I associate that with Migraine. Feel sick even reading the word.

15. Five odd bands you would recommend to any and everyone.
High Contrast
Pink Floyd

Floyd and NIN are among my top bands, I enjoy Jamiroquai and I put up links to the other bands in the hopes I got the right ones and not one with the same name lol.

16. A perfect day includes what?

Nothing required of me by anyone, warmth, and not getting a migraine.

17. What's the favorite part of where you live and why?

It's far enough out that we don't often get unannounced visitors! I don't like surprises or unplanned demands on my time.

18. Three wishes… you can't wish for more wishes. What would you wish for?

- For my family and I to never get ill.

- For life to be void of bureaucracy and underhandedness.

- And that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have hellish nightmares that wake them up and make them throw up violently every night for 20 years and when that stops they suffer chronic insomnia for their remaining years. I'm sure there are more people I could add to that club too.

No worries I added your shite boss to #3

19. Some UK based products you absolutely adore.

Gordon’s Gin

PG Tips Teabags

Robertson’s Jam

20. If a fox met a joker, what do you think she would ask him?

Why did you opt for the 3-pointed hat without the bells on?


4 ways to answer this question:

- The bells kept giving me away while I snuck up on people
- Mrs. Joker loves to pull on my points and sometimes wants to switch (hey you asked:)
- Because three is a magic number
- Because bells are so passé


Me said...

To Restrictions and the J man: Get ready, 'cause when the 20 on 20 series ends, there are two more coming:

20 on Two. Joker and Restrictions.

It is, as Spock would say... Logical.

the girl Riot™ said...

PG Tips are totally for the win.

Joker, your response to #3 - Palahniuk reference? ;)

Joker said...

@ Me: Ok so does that mean I have two less to do? lol. Look fwd to it though.

@ Girl riot: Could be my inner Chuck getting expressed but in reality it's just I always found that urban legend utterly fascinating. As if watching Snow White wasn't enough, people still took apples from strangers. Go figure ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Joker... I found it quite hard answering questions about myself - yet there I was thinking I love to talk about myself. Go figure.

(LMAO @ 'Shite boss'). Just out of interest - worst job no. 2 was bad because of the guy I worked for too. The bossy one of a gay couple and he was a pain. Anyway, he made life hell, I wished him dead and a year after I left found out he'd died of a heart attack. Oops!

Joker said...

Note to self, never anger the fox :)

Glad you found the challenge fun and your welcome for shite boss

cheers luv

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