Aug 5, 2008

Joker’s 20 on 20

There are literally thousands of blogs you can choose to read from. Design blogs, ad blogs, food blogs, doctor blogs, and pretty much any type of blog you can think of since these don’t depend on funds to continue living like a magazine. It’s an intriguing trend because to a small degree, we form part of that microcosm of the blogosphere and I enjoy being part of this collective that at times produces brilliant posts and I hope I offer some type of input for the greater good be it through something relatively well thought out or just a series of dick jokes that make people chuckle.

So here’s what happens, I got to thinking about the blogs I enjoy reading a lot and said, what would a Q & A spot with these wonderful characters be like? Instead of continuing my ponderings I said what the hell and began to think of bloggers I really enjoy and what would I ask them. So I chose the blogs, have gotten in contact with one of my favorite bloggers and have 20 questions, 20 answers and some comments from me.

Will I get to 20? That's not that great of a question but I hope mine are.

Will post soon




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