Aug 11, 2008

Meet the Parents? Yikes.

A couple of days ago I call up my best friend just to see how she's doing. She was at a family shindig. Cool? Did they meet the new guy, I asked. "No way, she replied. Too scary. I need time to "digest" reality in order for him to meet my folks."

I know exactly how she feels.

Why is it so hard to tell the folks or meet the new folks? For me, it was years of dating just... guys who didn't need them to meet my mom. You know the kind, you date them just for the hell of it and you know that bringing them home is a waste of your parent's time because, in a matter of time, they will be out of the picture... So now, I am forced to deal with the fact that the person I am dating has to formally meet the family... and I am like R. Kelly. Trapped in the closet.

I have been thinking about this for quite a while. I always said that I would only bring guys home that I thought were in a serious relationship and not a drive-by shit. All the men that my mom know about me have been 100% the real deal (at least at that time). More so, they are friends with her. I kid you not, all my ex boyfriends have my mother in their Facebook. Yeah, go figure.

So, still scared shitless. Meet the parents, someday meet the parents, my head goes over this time and time again. I shiver. Damn this is hard shit for me to get. Maybe it means that this is more serious than before. So maybe by meeting my mom, it means business. Maybe it's not the fact that it's meeting my mom that frightens me, it's the fact that it's serious and... my single life has ended??? Fuck. That maybe is a bit hard to swallow.

I've never been afraid of her not liking someone. My mother and stepdad are a class act. I can go home with a Cocaine Addict and they will treat any guy like a king. Most of all, my mother. In fact, later in life I've talked to her about guys I dated and only then she told me about one who she kind of didn't love so much, but still, according to her, everybody deserves a second chance... so she kept trying and trying. Hehehehe. So, the part about my family being an asshole to someone I love is totally out of the picture... Still, I'm scared shitless.

I needed to write this because I found it funny that both my friend and I find it very scary to move to that point of the relationship and I thought... maybe there are more out there like me, scared shitless about that moment.

So... Who out there is hiding in the Meet the Parents closet???


shaun. said...

im the opposite.

i love introducing grls to my parents. its a test really. if they can get through that initial meeting comfortably and hold her own with both of my respectively crazy rent.....

she has the mental capability (atleast in short term) to handle my shenanigans.

Me said...

Well, the thing is I can hold my own when it comes to that - I'm nice and cuddly, lol.

I just think that I am in shock 'cause of not being single anymore.


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