Aug 7, 2008

Must Buy: Harold and Kumar 2!

If you hear Wilson Phillip's Hold On or get a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris and you start cracking up... then you are a Harold and Kumar Fan. Well you lucky dude or dudette, you are in luck. This month H&K Escape from Guantanamo Bay comes out on DVD... and trust me when I tell you, it's going to rock.

First of all, when you left Harold and Kumar they were going to Amsterdam, right? We all know that they got sidetracked and they end up somewhere else. Well... what you didn't know is that they shot a shitload of footage that it's only found in the dvd, so you just click away and watched what could have happened if Kumar... oh well, I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say what would have happened if they actually made it to Amsterdam. They also have different shots so you can actually choose what happens next. Talk about interactive dvd!!!

In a world of oh so serious movies, I am going as fast as I can to my nearest Borders to buy myself a copy. Why? I like to laugh at stupid stuff as well. Besides, H&K 2 has, somewhere deep inside the film, a interesting "exploration" on racism. And I mean absolute, ignorant, blatant racism. And coming from a person who lived a true amazingly racist moment a couple of weeks ago while I was traveling with the guys... I now enjoy watching the flick even more.

Ok, so I'll tell you the thing that happened, just so that we all laugh.

Travis and I are camping out somewhere late at night. In fact, we were sitting on the floor waiting in line. Huddled up and extremely cold, we decided to chit chat a bit. Yes, we talk in Spanish. (Gasp! Where the fuck do these people live??? Not telling.) So after a while, a couple of guys right next to us tells the group that he was going to take a Mexican Bath.

According to the Urban Dictionary (sorry for my ignorance, I truly didn't know this term), the mexican bath is: Leaning over the sink and splashing water on your face and armpits. Hm. Where I come from we call that a Cat's Bath... Anyway, the guy suddenly opens his eyes and said: um, hey sorry, I meant that as a joke. We smile, honestly not giving a fuck. The guy in front of us said: oh don't worry, they don't speak mexican.

Yeah. Digest that one. In the meantime, go buy yourself that DVD.

Que vivan los idiotas!!!


Thaddeus Gunn said...

Okay, the H&K series must be an acquired taste, or I'm missing the boat, or I'm a very high-functioning SpEd. Folks whom I consider smart all to hell love the H and the K, and the only thing that I found mildly amusing about it was NPH...which just made me shitty with giggles. So - if you have the twenty words or less to spare me - what's the appeal?

Me said...

Well Gunn, the one thing I know that I love is the Odd Couple thing about them - it's so damn good!!!

I think the movie got a cult following early on and the fact that we had to wait a long time for the second part made it more special.

Oh... They are thinking of doing a third part. Fucking Yey!

Lucila said...

"The guy in front of us said: oh don't worry, they don't speak mexican."

Say what?!


Um that is actually a line in the movie "Clueless".

Anyaway, I was asked once if my house was made of palm trees...I am not kidding!

Joker said...

I went to see Pt. 2 with the Mrs. and thanks to it, I'm going to probably have to watch some wonderful chick flick that'll serve to lower my sperm count more than anything.

The movie is ok, not as consistent as the first one and the last 20 minutes are a detriment to the entire movie. There are some choice moments but definitely a movie to enjoy if you have a thing for campy films with dick jokes, lots of tits, and a strong beginning to a weak overall storyline.

This means it's middle of the road for me and not as good as the first one though there are some moments i couldn't help but laugh out loud because I can definitely appreciate a good dick joke.

It's not intellectually stimulating and it never meant to be. but hey, sure as hell beats watching Enchanted.

Me said...

Oh, Joker is right. There is no better flick than the first one. It is truly a gem. But the second one has its moments. Also, yes... you can skip the last 20 minutes completely. They suck.

Anonymous said...

I love this movie. It's smart. it's not just a stoner movie, it is also a critque of our world and culture.

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