Aug 4, 2008

Nice to meet you!!!

Picture this. You are given a time travel machine. You have ten trips. Not one more, not one less. You get to go whenever you want in all history to meet certain people. You get to ask them just one question, then you have to go to another time zone. Whom do you choose? What are the questions you ask?

Here are mine in no particular order:

1) God.
Q: Who killed John F. Kennedy and do you have it on DVD?

2) Ghandi.
Q: Wanna watch Fight Club with me?

3) Kevin Smith.
Q: Can I stay at your place for a month so I can learn how you write so damn perfectly?

4) George Clooney.
Q: Can you have meaningless sex with me and let me tape it?

5) Picasso.
Q: Can I copy your artwork as you did others and sell it for a gazillion dollars on Ebay?

6) Bruce Lee.
Q: Can you teach me how to hit the shit out of people without letting them put a hand on me?

7) The chick I met in High School who said that advertising was the way to go.
Q: Wanna know how does it feel when someone guts you while you are still alive???

8) Marilyn Monroe.
Q: Was Frank Sinatra a good lay?

9) Charles Manson.
Q: Who does your hair?

10) Steve Wozniak.
Q: Can you make me an official Tester for all your new Apple products for as long as I live?


shaun. said...

2) Ghandi.
Q: Wanna watch Fight Club with me?

....almost choked on my coffee.

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