Aug 18, 2008

The Return of the Incomplete Creative Guidance for Youth

71. Ergo, vis-a-vis, circa.. these and other words like them must go into your vocabulary to demonstrate how intellectual you are as a creative.

72. Hand gestures. If you’re creative you need hand gestures. I’m not talking your normal garden variety hand gestures. I mean go Marceau Marceau on people. Come off like some ridiculous manual empath that channels their chi through arm movements. Only when a conversation looks like a kata have you reached the zenith of creative dissertation.

73. Use this phrase: “Explore the world of that concept.” By all means be Super Mario or The Little Prince and let yourself explore worlds as fascinating as alternatives to a word in a headline, tag lines for a product, comma usage or the heightened science that are copy points.

74. When you’re about to kill an entire campaign you have two choices, say that it’s far from a golden pencil or be sweet and say that it was a great effort but…….

75. Have a business card with your nickname on it. That shows class AND creativity.

76. Please insist on having a stapler in the form of a crocodile, a snake, or any other reptilian animal that might have something interesting to say about pressing a staple through a sheet of paper.

77. The higher on the food chain you are as a creative, the more you have to delegate things like responsibility, work and above all else, blame.

78. Completely zone out constantly and then say you were doing creative meditation.

79. Throw hissy fits. There’s nothing better to promote your creative persona than embracing your inner child every time you disagree with anything anyone has to say.

80. Use the index and thumb of BOTH hands to create a visual square every time you need to visualize something.


Me said...

Almost choked with the hand gestures... LOL.

1Letterman said...

Helps to have a low grade hostility toward all changes--even beneficial and positive ones like an increased budget or an AE with a bigger rack being assigned to the team.

Anonymous said...

write notes on your hands and arms - reminders, illegible scrawlings, expletives, the more random the better.

Joker said...

@ me: Because you know it's true.

@ 1letterman: the changes yes, the bigger rack? I'd just be suspicious as hell.

@ anon: Thanks for #81 :)

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