Aug 6, 2008

Seven Deadly Ad Client Sins #2

Have you ever heard the expression “The customer is always right?” Well clients swear that the same applies to them. They are incapable of making a mistake, they know more about everything than you and don’t even think about suggesting something that might help their brand. They know their brand because they ARE their brand. This is what we call:

Arogantia Correcta

The second of Seven Deadly Ad Client Sins. This sin is characterized by the lack of logic in discussions or conversations and a total disregard for the possibility of being wrong about anything. If need be ludicrous examples and Ross Perot like analogies shall be utilized more than anything to shut you up into submission so you follow their orders rather than make the best ad possible.

Characteristic of this sin is the escalating of voice volume, the constant interruptions and the insisting that we listen to them because they know what they’re talking about versus us ad peons that don’t know how to make a good ad and would pretty much guarantee their brand’s failure by doing something so blasphemous as thinking of the best way to communicate to a target. These people eat targets for breakfast and shit sales for lunch, or so they say, and who am I to not believe that they shit on their sales?


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