Aug 16, 2008

We give Blue Balls.

We bust our balls to write good content. Joker even comes up with a brilliant interview series. We find all sorts of cool links for people to see. And in all that, there is still one thing that is king here at WAS.

Yes, for months now, there is one true thing that moves the masses to our little space in the internet. I'm talking about Cock Fingering. In good Seinfeld talk, it still is master of this domain. I find this so funny and disturbing at the same time, I decided to take a picture of the keyword section of our stats so you can see the numbers. This is amazing.

So I've come to accept the fact that even though we can write our best, porn still is king. The brilliant moment in which Joker wrote that two lovely words somewhere in our website, our numbers changed for the better. Do I care that I get sick demented fucks to visit us looking for unholy sex? No way man. I know a shitload of advertising people who are truly screwed up in the sex department. People who will, with or without alcohol, screw anything and everything that walk their way.

But the keywords still leave me thinking. Why are so much people looking for this in the internet? Are you so unfucked that you need to get your freak on via the internet? Are you really so worried about your shlong at 2pm that you need to, while working no less, search for Penis size Contest? You can't even imagine how disturbing are some of the keywords that bring people to WAS. Some I would even like to report to someone but hey... live and let live, right?

The thing is... imagine that you are the most disturbed and sexually deprived human being in the world with hours to spare. You salivate at the idea of connecting to the internet and watching something so weird that even your penis says: "oh you are sick". You type in: Blowing Cow or Sucking Pink Ballsacks... and you end up here, at an advertising blog?

Hm. I think we found our niche: we are the biggest internet Blue Ball provider. I kind of like that. So anyway, here are some of the keywords of this week, enjoy...


Jeff said...

I am always shocked and amazed at the twisted things people do a google search for that end up at my blog. The two main odd sex ones I get all the time are:
Super Blow Jobs
Santa Blow Jobs

Odd folks out there.

1Letterman said...

Awesome. I'm adding "cock fingering" to my post tags immediately!

Which isn't exactly a stretch, considering the nature of my posts, generally.

Me said...

Has anybody noticed the fact that Flaccid got 4 visits? Sad. Sad.

Warren said...

Worst mistake I ever made was posting on an inane series last year, "Naked Brothers Band", a show for preteens on Nickelodeon.

You can guess the kinds of hits I generally get. Sheeyut.

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