Aug 24, 2008

Why Robert Downey Jr should win an Oscar for each movie he does - or the Tropic Thunder Review.

So last night we decided that, since we saw such a turd of a movie last time (Clone Wars), we deserved to see something better. With all our hopes to redeem ourselves for choosing to see such an atrocity a few days before, we bought tickets to see Tropic Thunder.

Praisen Lord in Heaven. I laughed until it hurt in weird places. This is a true must see for all of you guys out there. Why? Let me give you the basics. First of all, a fucking hilarious script. Ben Stiller consistently delivers funny shit, extremely Un-PC by the way. Um, in case you didn't know, the guy produced, wrote and directed the flick. Talk about multitasking. But there are two great reasons why you need to see the movie. Trust me, when you get out of the movie theater if you don't agree... you can kick me in my boobs.

Reason #1: Robert Downey Jr. This guy is fucking amazing. I kid you not. This man has something up his butt that he can act the shit out of this movie. Does he shine over all other actors? OF COURSE. He is extremely funny, piss on your pants funny. I found myself amazed each and every time he appeared on a scene. Tropic Thunder without this man would be just another funny movie about the war. It does help that Stiller wrote a kick ass character for him, but still, I think that no other person could have done such a great job. Did I believe that he was a dude dressed as another dude playing another dude? Of course! Many people are taking about giving Heath Ledger an Oscar for Dark Knight. I can only say one thing to those people: Robert Downey Jr ripped Ledger a new one, period. If the Academy does not even nominate Downey for this movie, then all hope for humanity is lost.

Reason #2: Tom Cruise. Yes. I am not bullshitting you. Tom Cruise can and WILL fuck your balls up from laughing in this movie. In fact, I left the theater thinking... maybe this man is not crazy after all. Maybe this Scientology thing actually helps the guy be more kick ass than ever. His character is the definition of fucked up mixed with what the fuck mixed with... fuck this I cannot believe I am watching him be so amazing. I found myself waiting to see what he could do next. This definitively was the movie to bring him back from looney town. I hope he takes the opportunity. Just remember to not leave the theater when the movie ends. The credits are hilarious just for him alone.

Watch out for great war music, awesome cameos and extremely funny shit. It was all I hoped it would be and more. Check below for Mahalo Daily Audience Reviews!


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