Aug 29, 2008

You know you’re a slave to advertising when…

…the act of cooking involves frozen TV dinners or cheap Chinese takeout
…you drink to “take the edge off”
…leaving the office before 10:00pm is “early”
…you only see the light of day during a weekday if you’re sick at home
…you have just one weekend a month to yourself
…the harder you work, the less you get paid
…you sleep less than four hours a night, thinking of that next great concept
…you consider everyone else’s work crap
… you say awards don’t matter to you, but when you win one, you won’t shut up about it
…friends and family call you up and your first response is “I’m busy right now, let me call you back later.”


Warren said...

…you consider everyone else’s work crap

Naah, that's just ordinary run of the mill artistic arrogance. At least, when others feel that way.

When I feel that way, it's a keen insight into the value of my work.

RestrictionsApply said...

I forgot to mention the health issues:

...a 24-hour cold turns into a 90-day affair get sick more times in a month than you did in the past 15 years

1Letterman said...

I don't even bother to consider other people's work.

It's just not worth my time or attention.

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