Sep 3, 2008

Creative Guidance... almost over but not quite

81. As submitted by ANON: "Write notes on your hands and arms - reminders, illegible scrawlings, expletives, the more random the better." See Memento for reference material.

82. Agree with what the man in the big leather seat agrees to. you are supposed to be completely capricious and independent in your opinion unless your owner AKA CEO is kind enough to give you the opinion you should have.

83. Stay late every day. Having a life and any type of existence outside of advertising means you're not working hard enough. Interpersonal relationships should be disastrous at best.

84. Change opinions and strategy midway through developing a campaign. Only in the tossles of confusion and erratic disaster will the best work come out.

85. Get divorced. Nothing pumps the creative juices more than losing money, respect and sleep.

86. You need a checkered vest. I'm not talking about plaid. I'm talking checkered all the way. Being painful to the naked eye is a testament to your creativity expressed via your fashion medium of preference... especially if it's checkered and especially if it's a vest and or jacket. Having an ensemble gets you extra bonus creative points.

87. Always have a play on words where palindrome words and or sentences should be your North.

88. Always use random meaningless references for visual approaches to your advertising. For instance if you have to make tampon ads, think Zack Snyder or the visual look of Fight Club.

89. Always develop a mood piece that will make any normal person uncomfortable that you're even presenting said ambiance.

90. Keep the drama on high and the logic on low. This has been mentioned before but merits repeating, elaborating, repeating again and insisting so here goes... keep the drama high and the logic low.


Me said...

Can the Checkered Vest be from Corduroy? 'Cause that would be the AntiChrist then...

shaun. said...

i love this series. i see more and more of it everyday. especially the ceo stuff. its funny how opinions tend to match when certain people are talking.

"this looks good here, what do you think?"
"I agree...I was thinking the exact same thing"

M.M. McDermott said...

Like many creatives, I can't afford the checkered vest.

But making t-shirts with iron-on pictures of my checkered past fits right into my budget.

Being half-assed is not half-bad.

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