Sep 20, 2008

WAS Challenge: Do our blog for a day!

Here it is, your moment to shine. We are opening our blog to those who want to write anything for us! For just this week our email will be open for business - your posts.

Write about anything you like. If you have a question, by all means, ask away. Write about Music, Movies, Politics, your Shitty Agency, your shitty Client, if you still think you're pregnant (yikes)... any damn thing that comes to mind. Don't write? Doodle. Design. Send anything and everything, all we ask is that it is relevant to this kind of blog - no forwads, religious fanatic shit, phishing content or links, in need of cash from dead uncle shit. I will track you down (I know how to find anyone under an ISP!) and Joker will gladly punch you somewhere where it hurts. Also, he will videotape it and we'll post that too. Fun times!

The rules are simple:

1) I will never post anything with your actual name on it. As God or Buddha is my witness, I always protect my writers to death. You can send your email knowing that I won't rat you out and that I will be careful enough not to copy and paste your name anywhere.

2) Names or Agency Names should be avoided. If for example you want to let us know about your Creative Director assmunching on some intern, remember to not write their names or the actual place where it happened. My recommendation is to change some details. We can still get the picture.

3) Be witty and brand engaging. Just kidding. Jesus, how those two definitions make me want to hurl blood still...

Anyway... If you have a blog, we'll put your link, to get those "cock fingering" searchers to go to your blog as well (that keyword is still king!!). Come on, our duty is to share the blogs we love with the world, and what better time to do it now!

Do you still have a better version of the London logo? Send it in! Do you think that one logo sucks and you could do it better? Design that mother fucker and send it! Do you have people who annoy you and you want people to know it? By all means, just open up your Microsoft Word and type away.

You have from today to next Friday to send your stuff. Just remember to send it to

Don't let me down, people!


Me said...

Well, I guess I didn't write SPAMMERS. Seems that one person wanted to share a "intercourse" post and include some very questionable link that I didn't even touch.

Hi Arisa. Hope you're having fun!

(Rules didn't say that I would not out people who send porn. I have my standards.)

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