Sep 17, 2008

Just in case

For some time now I've been using this Joker image as my sign off identity and I haven't given credit where credit is due. Here's a link to the fantastic artist that might have a problem with me using his incredible depiction of Joker.

His Flickr name is Días de Trovaos and he's one hell of an artist. My apologies for not posting this link any sooner and if there is any problem with me using this image please feel free to write me at

I lifted this image because it really captures what I think the Joker stands for but a while back, like say two months, Where's My Jetpacks had an issue with a picture he'd taken from a fantastic photographer. I'd rather avoid any problems because even though we don't make money off this blog, it's still not right and for some strange reason, I felt the need to write about this today because if you think about it, I'd hate for someone to use anything I've written for their personal gain without any credit. So credit goes to Días .My apologies for not having gone through the correct procedure and again, if there's any problem with me using the image, give a shout out and I'll find some other drawing.

Cheers and please, feel free to click his name or the title of this post to see some really solid artwork


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