Sep 27, 2008

Obama vs. McCain: well, what did you think?

Since the debate left me wanting to change channels - and eventually I did since I didn't feel that they both were prepared enough... What did you think? Did it make you change your mind? Did it confuse you even more?

Oh, a nice opinion on CNN's Focus Group graphic at the bottom of the debate: look guys, scratch that. We ended up looking at those stupid lines instead of listening to the men talk. They say curiosity killed the cat, well, those lines killed the debate. Take them off!

So, this is your post, write what you felt about this first debate. But remember... no fighting!

PS: Did Jim Lehrer just ask what is the likelihood of another 9/11 attack? WTF? Do we really need to keep making people feel afraid?


Make the logo bigger said...

I’d have been surprised if Lehrer didn’t mention it.

McCain was steady and to the point, if not repetitious and predictable. (ONLY I CAN SAVE AMERICA FROM COMMIES AND TERRORISTS.)

Obama thought about his answers too much and gave too much credit to McCain while he was both answering and listening, and even allowed himself to give up on a few points that should’ve been clarified. (That's as much Lehrer’s fault as anything for not picking up on unanswered questions/points.)

Obama didn’t hurt himself nor did he help himself terribly. Result: I'd give it to McCain tonight, but, I doubt McCain has much room to improve from here, and becuase of that, needs to be near perfect in the next two.

As ‘comfortable’ as he looked (for him) is as good as it will get imo. I’m guessing Obama improves dramatically in the next one with some of those points above addressed. He needs to look more commanding next time out because he got slightly schooled on global experience tonight by “someone ready to lead.”

Anonymous said...

People actually think either one of them will make a difference?

I'm voting for Joe Walsh.


valrossie said...

McCain managed to regain an offensive footing in the last half of the debate. His citations of his foreign policy experience were effective. He projected strength. But foreign policy is perceived as Obama’s weakest subject of the three they will debate, and, at the very least, he held his own – notably and importantly on Iraq, on terrorism, and on the value of diplomacy.
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M.M. McDermott said...

Obama looked much more composed than McCain--though I think that's inherent. Much more polite too, though I noticed he was more willing to address McCain directly.

The one thing I despised about this debate--and most debates--was the amount of deflection that takes place on counter points. Somebody asserts something and rather than address what they've said, you stick to the script; argumentum ad naseum is fucking infuriating, and it insults the intelligence of an audience.

PS: When PBS finally sends Lehrer to pasture, he could have a brilliant career as a cock fighting referee. He tried everything but build a mud pit in an attempt to get those guys to interact directly with each other.

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