Sep 12, 2008

Self expression Trilogy #3:

Top ten things on my mind right now

1. A long while back someone wrote a comment here regarding how I was overreacting regarding the economy and that things were not only fine, but going to get better as stated by the New York Times and other publications. Wonder if that person still thinks the same way while everyone is talking about a recession and the danger of a 21st century depression? Guess graphs and charts eventually show how full of shit the news is.

2. Anyone else catch the news that Russian jets are doing military practices in the Caribbean and that there is a growing relationship between them and Venezuela? Yeah, definitely comforting.

3. Ways to make my wake an enjoyable and fun event rather than the sad gatherings most funerals I’ve been to are. Ideas bouncing in my head are fortune cookies, a motion sensor that activates various quotes from my life and a post death roast. Animatronics are also being considered.

4. Could someone get Chris Cornell some good drugs please?

5. Will November get over and done with so we can return to our regularly scheduled bullshit?

6. Should I consider working freelance rather than staying in an agency or should I dispense with advertising altogether?

7. Would it be too much of a stretch to ask to be paid in Euros?

8. Would any of my heroes read any of what I’ve ever written?

9. Can I get a week without a New Business?

10. Does Mrs. Joker know how much she means to me and how much I would enjoy a good cuddle right about now?


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