Sep 20, 2008

WAS Gear... Actually getting sold! Fuck Yeah!

I'd like to thank all the guys who have gracefully opted to help us out and buy our stuff. It's all for that long awaited book!!! The Tees come in almost every color and we also cover chick tees, so go to Redbubble now and get your gear today! Link at the right of the blog...

Joker did a bunch of great tees, so keep clicking as I will design each of them soon enough. With love, Me.

PS: You know what would be cool? If you bought the tshirts, you can take a pic of yourself and blur out your face - we could show it here!!! Or if you really are ballsy, you can just not censor yourself and send the pic anyhow! How fucking awesome would that be??? A legion of agency haters... Ah. Epic.


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