Oct 16, 2008

Channeling John Hughes: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

First of all: apart from U2, The Cure is and will always be one of the greatest bands on the face of the Earth. Having said that, let's move on to review one of the coolest flicks I have seen in a long time.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is definitively one movie you have to catch. For one day, just watch a simple love story without guns, drugs, violence and give in to indy music and two great characters lost in NYC.

For a couple of hours you will laugh at a silly but very insightful script, enjoy like crazy the music, and love Michael Cera with all your heart. I see a very young Dustin Hoffman in that 19 year old actor, let me tell you. And Kat Dennings is just awesome as well. Hey, you gotta remember. You gotta go way back in your life, when you had all those dreams and you thought that life was much easier... do you remember how you felt when somebody you loved, or you thought you loved, dumped you for no reason... remember how you felt? Like you were never going to fully recover? Yeah, that feeling is written all over this lovely film.

I loved to see two intelligent characters, full of wit and tenderness face the shit parts of life together. Yeah, we all know where this movie will end up at. Do we care? Nope. In true John Hughes fashion, we know how the story will go but we want to enjoy the night with them. There is one scene in front of a NYC church that I almost lost it laughing - I fell in front of it kind of drunk one night of pure mayhem after drinking two pitchers of Gonzalez and Gonzalez margaritas. For that scene alone I loved it.

My recommendation is to go. You will love it as much as you did Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles... Oh and by the way: Boys Don't Cry is the greatest ringtone ever for a phone. Already downloading it to my phone as I write...


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