Oct 8, 2008

Come on coach, just one more round?

This is me at my lowest and my more exhausted. Where do I start? My mind is going 100 miles an hour and I just realized I don't have any more jobs for today. Feeling truly exhausted is very weird. Your hands tremble. You get disgusting headaches. For me, I even get nausea. My body just screams for a moment to stop, and here I am, late at night and I am still thinking about copy, designs... this is the lowest of lows.

Write and design 12 different print ads - with just having slept 4 hours the day before caused by an extreme bout of insomnia (classic Me). Then? Changes. More changes. More copy. Change this. Move that. We need another alternative. Change this. Move that. Then... a shitload of emails containing more jobs for tomorrow, just when I was finishing the work for today. This was my day.

Hey. I have to thank Jesus or something holy of your choice that I have the luxury of having a job to go to. Some other people right now don't. I will still get my paycheck. I am not whining. I am just... tired. Having to write and design that much work in a couple of hours - mainly 6-8 hours, sure takes all the energy out of you. You feel your brain frying. I stopped counting the many times I took my glasses off and just closed my eyes during the day because I was running on empty. And in all that time, I only strive to do the best work. It is a competition with myself: you have to deliver, fast and fucking awesome creativity.

But then it comes. Your brain and your body say no more. You are done. You will not be able to do anything more today. But why? No, body. No, mind. We need to push it a bit more. No more, they reply. It's over. Game over. You need to go home and rest. Like in boxing, your body knows you have only 12 rounds, but something deep in you wants just one more opportunity to get the prize.

I didn't get any medal. There is no belt around my waist. It was just work, and it is like me... finished for today.


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