Oct 7, 2008

Free time is as easy as a medical appointment

When did it become a sin to take time to do things you have pending like renewing your license, taking a bullshit sick day off, fixing your car, waxing your crotch or just doing nothing? As if the world would end if we didn't proof an layout, edit a design, revise a radio script or come up with the next Cannes of shit winner.

Honestly, though we often think what we do is trivial bullshit, often times we take our job too seriously. We think we're this indispensable creative icon whom without job could not be done or at least not done as good. It's one of those cute self worth mythos we uphold so we can feel special and shit. As my dear friend Mr. Durden once said, we are not a unique snow flake and we're a hell of a lot more expendable than we honestly think.

That being said though, this could play to your advantage. Did you know you are entitled to about 12 sick days a year? Days that don't roll over to the next year? Days that could be well spent working on that videogame you haven't dedicated time to. Time you could spend trying a delicious recipe you read on some blog? Time you could be making dreadlocks with your pubes or playing Canasta with your Nana. 12 days that are yours and that for some reason or another, we feel guilty for taking when we're entitled by law to them. True some bosses look down upon mortals who actually get sick, but hey, if the system screws you that bad, shouldn't you take the liberty to take a day off just because you fucking feel like it without having your vacation time penalized.

Those are your sick days people, and it's your damn right to use them. You will not get a bigger bonus if you are absent less than someone else. You won't get a fruit basket or a medal. You probably won't even get a pat on the back. You'll just lose those days you could spend spread eagle in front of the AC after a hot shower.

Want to know what the best part is? There's nothing wrong with it and even better yet, if you do it just right, people won't notice you took a day off to dick around though please don't take this as an opportunity to work on your tan, go shopping to the most frequented mall in your vicinity or have lunch near your work place. Just because it's your time to dick off doesn't mean you have to be a dick and get caught by your boss during lunch time.

So by all means, if your over saturated by a job that truly pisses you the fuck off, by all means, put on your best Kiefer Sutherland voice, say you feel like poopy and enjoy the freedom of one day off the mundane monotony of your day job. After all, it's not just your right... it's the law.



Kelly said...

i called it a day at my last job when my boss reamed me for taking a half vacation day (VACATION DAY = my time!!) to renew my license and change my plates to the state i was living in. seriously??!! it's my time so mind your own feckin' business.


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