Oct 17, 2008

New Ad-term: Relative Hypochondria

Ever worked with someone who is what you could call “conveniently sick”? By conveniently sick I mean that they’re under the weather when they should perform? Or there’s a presentation and they get afflicted by Thurston’s Sallow? Don’t know what Thurston’s Sallow is? Don’t worry, no one else does except the person in question who just happens to get a bad case of it every time there’s real work to be done.


- Cough-cough -

A group needs help with work?


You’re needed to do something?

- My tummy hurts…..-

That’s when you see Relative Hypochondria at full blast. Why is it hypochondria? Because they insist that they’re sick or do whatever is needed to get sick, which is even more twisted. Why is it relative? Well because if there’s any need for supervision in any type of shoot especially if travel is needed, they’ll always tough it out and/or feel endlessly better. I really wish this were mere speculation, but just so happens I’ve worked at some point in time with someone just like this.

The kicker was that when I got sick, said person had to be sicker, weaker, more vulnerable and still able to come to work. Cry me a river and weep me an ocean, I think we have ourselves an Emmy. By the way, I’m not insinuating that this type of person doesn’t really have sick days but sometimes you can’t help but notice how convenient the sick days are that they coincide with long weekends, presentations or vacations and hey, if you can play the system, that’s totally cool and power to you for sticking it to the man. But once in a while it wouldn’t hurt to justify the paycheck you’re getting.

So how about it people? How many times have you seen someone that border’s on ├╝ber hackness get conveniently sick? What did they say? And How would you rate their performance?


RestrictionsApply said...

Every office has one these characters… and I meant it. Everywhere I’ve worked, and even where I currently work, Mr. and/or Mrs. Hypochondria have been by my side.

And it’s either that they’re always sick or always have an appointment. I never knew what an MRI was until I started working in a cubicle farm. I never knew so many people under the age of 35 needed chiropractic treatment. Broken pinky toe? Day off at the podiatrist. Pesky pimple on your back? Two days at the dermatologist. I tell you, it really pays to be a sicko… Yeah, I’m talking about you Robbie – brrrup!

Mammamsterdam said...

I used to work with people conveniently critical. Always in to destroy any project in the brainstorming idea, criticize it to death if ever started, except getting back on scene to get credits when it turns out ok, when the member of prliament is opening it, when big journalist in interviewing us.

Then it's all wonderful their idea in the first place etc.

But hey, it's great to feel appreciated.

thedirtymexican said...

i tend to get conveniently hung over whenever there seems to be massive pitches/projects on. Why is there always some great night out to be had the night before delivery?

Me said...

Robbie wins over all, dude. That man has talent. That's all I will say...

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