Oct 15, 2008

Ooooh that was delicious

It’s been a couple of months of hard work, long nights, crappy pizza and regurgitating the stale recycled air of my office, but yesterday was pure bliss and deliciousness all in one package. What happened? Did we win an account? Did we score big with a presentation? Did all our concepts win the client over ending up in kissing our feet only to work up to our crotches? No dear friends. Yesterday I got paid for pretty much employing my abilities with web browsers and online applications… ie. doing nothing.

One day I got to play client and not put my abilities to work. I had no rush, no sense of urgency, no fires were extinguished, no creative cancer cures were found and I most certainly did not have to breech birth a campaign. I did nothing and it was fucking glorious to finally be able to look at the clock and count the nickels and dimes that filled my payday rather than see how every minute cost me money. It’s like your own little vengeance for having to put up with so much shit and extra hours in the shit hole you actually have the balls to call a work place because lets face it, what we do is pretty much white collar sweatshopping (more on this later).

Truly, when was the last time you were able to earn something for nothing? Yesterday was almost like getting a free day for doing my job well. Obviously this should be reflected and seen in my Christmas bonus, but I’ve long dismissed the idea of depending on a bonus to make me smile, because more often than not, it won’t make you smile. But a day’s worth of pay for checking wikipedia, sending emails, leaving feedback on Ebay and perusing Amazon.com? Screw Master Card; THAT’S PRICELESS.


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