Oct 21, 2008

Way beyond the Top 40: Booda Velvets

In my never-ending quest to find random bands and artists that truly catch my attention regardless of where they’re from, I stumbled a few years back upon a band called the Booda Velvets. What I can say about their cd Headrush is that it’s a great little find you can probably snag online for about 3-4 bucks in very good used condition.

Some people might know the band thanks to their song on the soundtrack of the remake of the Fog but I found them via Audiogalaxy (RIP) and from the very first track to the end you find a solid band that was able to craft an album’s worth of memorable indie music with lush guitars, interesting atmospheres and worthy lyrics.

Click on the title of the post to go to their myspace page and listen to two songs from Headrush. You can thank me by sending me random bands that only a handful of people know.



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