Oct 21, 2008

Wish list

It’s funny how we try and make as if we don’t have any real wishes when we’re supposedly grown up. Wishes are exchanged for goals, resolutions, objectives and other such bland square words that it takes the magic away from what a wish should be. As I see it, a wish should be a desire you want to be fulfilled. It can range from personal development, to acquisitive power, to recognition or fame and who knows, maybe even happiness. Some people might refer to it as the American Dream, a term that definitely needs serious amendments. But when’s the last time you really wished for something? When was the last time you wished upon a star or took a penny and threw it into a fountain genuinely hoping it would come true? Something tells me that too long because at least in my case, I’ve been too busy being a would-be adult to really genuinely wish for something. No genie in the lamp, no promises, no self-motivation stating that I can do it. Just a simple wish.

After I got to think about it though, I realized that my wishes as an adult are endlessly different to the innocent musings of when I was five or six years old. I also realize that I dared to dream bigger when I was a child too. I wanted to be an inventor but not so I could make money off an invention. I just wanted to create things and I guess somewhere subconsciously I coupled that with my writing skills to find a career path that is quite lamer than an inventor. Hell an inventor could be a mad scientist with questionable fund sources investing time, energy and tons of money to create something the world has never seen. A copywriter merely jumbles words in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wish I were Ronco or think my job TOTALLY sucks, but I just think there’s a couple of people that miss the freedom of innocence and the liberty one can bask in by wishing they could meet a dragon or have the power of flight. But obviously, balance is needed and I think we can have enough of a kid in us to at least make a twenty item wish list; ten of which are real things and ten of which are nuggets of your inner child that still cling on to the hope that science, religion and logic leave enough space for the freedom of a wish.

What do you say, if you didn’t silence your childlike impulses, what do you think you would wish for?


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