Nov 21, 2008

Burn After Watching Pitt.

I love Brad Pitt. He's fucking incredible looking. This is one man that is damn hot and can act as well. One of my favorite movies is Fight Club, and I enjoy watching him kick some serious ass while wearing what has to be the perfect wardrobe done for a movie, ever.

And then, he showed up at Burn After Reading... and sucked big time.

Burn After Reading was one of my monthly "I have a meeting at 4pm" deals that I normally do - one of the pleasures of having your own business, HA. So we closed up and went to see George Clooney, Brad Pitt and John Malkovich in this latest installment of the Coen Brothers.

First of all, the brothers have a good standing with me. Another of my favorite movies of all time is Fargo. I also loved very much The Big Lebowski and No Country for Old Men - call it - so Burn seemed like a great idea.

Well, yes and maybe. It is not the usual Coen movie, but it is very funny and... weird? Let me see if I can give you a short plot that actually makes sense: A CIA agent has been fired. He goes home and gives the news to his wife (who is secretly banging another man), which causes her to despise him even more, enough to finally get divorced. Meanwhile, a CD appears at a Gym (insert here Brad Pitt in a ridiculous character) full of information. The pair that found the cd want to sell it for various reasons. Will they do it? Hm. Let's see.

The film is about stupidity - as a flu. If you are sick, when you will get close to another person, they will probably end up sick as well. So? Burn is a movie about many people getting stupid by the minute.

What seems to be the problem with this film? For me it was all Brad Pitt. Every time he walked in, I wanted to kick him in the balls and scream WILL YOU SHUT UP? His character sucked so hard, it tainted the movie a bit. Clooney and Malkovich make it all better, but when Pitt comes back... it's like going to great to fuck this shit in 10 seconds. Also didn't care a lot for Frances McDormand's character - seemed also like a cartoonish woman who I didn't believe in for one second.

Does it compare to Fargo or No Country? No way man. This is a lighter flick from them. It is like an appetizer for what they are cooking next. Don't expect to have your life changed or watch some amazing acting. This is just a funny movie that you can go to, instead of whatever stupid Ashton Kutcher film they have showing.

I cannot tell you to go to the movies for this one, but I sure can tell you to Netflix it. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Pitt's character is worthy of a kung-fu chop to the Adam's Apple, but that's the point, he's suppose to incite that kind of impatience and unfounded violence hidden deep within the viewer's psyche.
Also, I'm not sure I agree with it being a "lighter" Coen flick, the random acts of sheer brutality and gore were nothing compared to a snipped off toe from The Big Lebowski, but more along the lines of a perfectly placed wood chopper from "Fargo."

Me said...

Granted, he was supposed to be the ├╝ber moron of the film - I just thought Pitt was way off his league. I would have liked another actor in his part.

I thought it was light compared to all the violence we usually get: fargo, no country... Coen Flicks are usually more bloody, don't you agree?

shaun. said...

I like his character and the way he portrayed it. Didnt think it took anything away from the movie.

Anonymous said...

Srsly? Brad Pitt was awesome in that movie...actually made the movie for me in general.

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