Nov 30, 2008

I see dead shoppers

Ok two days have passed... and I'm still in awe at what happened this past Black Friday. As if it wasn't clear enough just how fucked up we are as a society, or how much of a consumerist existence we live on a day to day basis, along comes a day where people literally get up at the crack of dawn to get the best deals possible. As if things weren't crazy enough on their own, the economic situation shall probably be blamed regarding the exacerbation of the madness on this day.

If you think about it, it's not like most store employees looked forward to this psycho fucking day to begin with, but now that lives are threatened over lower prices, well who could blame someone for taking a sick day that happens to coincide with the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Two people shot and one employee trampled over and what do these people have to show for it? The latest video game purchased $10 cheaper, a toaster, a fucking flat screen? It's simply pathetic to have to even ask if all of it was worth it because the two options to answer such a question would be A) yes, and thus show how shallow some biped mammals really are (screw calling them humans) B) or no, expressed via face in hands and tears falling down.

I read these articles and thought to myself how much we insist on playing out like some psychotic movie. Though the title to this post might seem like a stab at humor, my sentiments regarding Black Friday are anything but funny. I'm disappointed as a human being and an American Citizen to see this type of behavior over what essentially is a bargain. To be honest, I already though Black Friday was psychotic enough, but it seems as if every year things need to escalate more and more.

What's worst is the sheer irony at when this has happened. At a time where we should be giving thanks for all we have, for being grateful for friends, families, work, the ability to move and the fact that we have a roof over our heads and or health, greed is expressed in one of the most callous ways possible. What's the best part though? We still have Christmas to look forward to.

I don't know about you guys though, but for me, I'm pretty sure I'll do as much shopping online as humanly possible. Stay safe people. Who knows when a great bargain might actually cost a life?


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